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BLG! (16)
Dremel Router table thumbnail image
Almost new. $63 from Amazon 20$ something for the 6 bits. It wasn't exactly what I thought it was. IOW, I am not skilled enough to make it do what i...
Ad Id:39261205
Posted:November 8, 2021
Strongbox thumbnail image
Sturdy strong box in excellent condition with key. Inside: 11 3/4 x 7.5 x 3inches. Exterior: 14 1/4 x 1-.6 x 6 1/4 inches.
Ad Id:40617878
Posted:March 12, 2024
Plastic garment bag. thumbnail image
Once held a large duvet. Ideal for small clothes, curtains, etc. 20x20x3 inches.
Ad Id:40617876
Posted:March 12, 2024
Weekenders/sport/kit bags thumbnail image
I have used these as carry-on to travel to Maui for 10 days and they carry more than enough for that long a stay. $20/each. All in good condition....
Ad Id:40617873
Posted:March 12, 2024
Buffers thumbnail image
Leather-backed wool buffers for polishing vehicles. Includes mandrel and rubber mounting disc.
Ad Id:37149633
Posted:February 25, 2021
Power converter thumbnail image
Older, but unused, power conversion unit for European travel. In original packaging.
Ad Id:40658682
Posted:April 6, 2024
Slik Tripod thumbnail image
Pro 340 DX telescoping tripod. In excellent condition. Used sparingly. $70 OBO.
Ad Id:40658673
Posted:April 6, 2024
Old carving fork thumbnail image
This glorious old carving fork is over 100 years old. Genuine staghorn handle. In great condition. I use one of these daily in my cooking as they are ...
Ad Id:37029349
Posted:January 18, 2021
Mitering Guide thumbnail image
Clamp your tool in this and make error-free mitre cuts. All aluminum, never used. Adjustable for many lengths.
Ad Id:35318657
Posted:February 3, 2020
Old Crockpots thumbnail image
Old crockpots with which my folks used to use to brew and can. No lids and one is missing a handle while the other never had handles. The 6 gallon ...
Ad Id:40329275
Posted:September 21, 2023
Brass bell thumbnail image
Cool brass and iron bell. Great addition to your bar, man cave or BBQ. In excellent condition, rings bright and true.
Ad Id:40442590
Posted:November 21, 2023
Polaroid Camera thumbnail image
This is the model 240 and took great pictures in it's day. Was working when it was retired in favour of newer technology. Bellows is in excellent cond...
Comox Valley
Ad Id:37122051
Posted:February 16, 2021
Wine decanter thumbnail image
Would make a lovely xmas gift. Tall, elegant wine/liqueur decanter and five small glasses.
Comox Valley
Ad Id:36397174
Posted:August 31, 2020
European Power thumbnail image
Heading to Europe? This adaptor for your laptop will be a great help.
Ad Id:39942820
Posted:February 13, 2023
Creamers thumbnail image
Happy to haggle. These are quite old, but likely less than 100 years. One on the left is Royal Albert, Blue one is Tuscan from England, Silver one is ...
Ad Id:37195200
Posted:March 9, 2021
Hand Made Latch thumbnail image
This iron latch was hand-made in the early 1900's. One can see the marks from the hammer on the latch plate. I am led to believe it was made on a home...
Comox Valley
Ad Id:39311361
Posted:December 10, 2021
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