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All categories Comox Valley
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New Stainless steel dishes with lids thumbnail image
Six stainless steel dishes and lids
Ad Id:40107845
Posted:May 30, 2023
Cookie Tray thumbnail image
Cookie tray. Used once
Ad Id:40282202
Posted:August 26, 2023
New beautiful cut glasses. thumbnail image
4 Brand new sherry glasses
Ad Id:40102061
Posted:May 27, 2023
Brand new large wooden tray thumbnail image
Brand new wooden tray with the handles you can easily carry the tray. The edge helps avoid spills. Approximately 19”x15”x2”
Ad Id:40000451
Posted:March 26, 2023
Folding Bridge table & box of good books about the game of bridge thumbnail image
Folding bridge table & box of bridge books
Ad Id:40382122
Posted:October 20, 2023
20 pieces Dining set and 8 adjustable easel thumbnail image
Alexandra 5222 porcelain. White with gold trim 20 pieces dinning set $45 8 medium adjustable easels $5
Ad Id:40267406
Posted:August 17, 2023
Men’s dress shoes thumbnail image
New dress shoes with lace size 40 M $10 New dress shoes without lace size 8M $10
Ad Id:40380118
Posted:October 18, 2023
Two touch table lamps thumbnail image
Three settings. Low, medium, bright
Ad Id:40318792
Posted:September 15, 2023
Center channel Athena Speaker thumbnail image
Small Athena C 5
Ad Id:39445107
Posted:March 17, 2022
New Beautiful decorations thumbnail image
Brand new decorations 16 Good for weddings, engagements , Valentine day, any occasions
Ad Id:40258831
Posted:August 13, 2023
Comfort fit thumbnail image
Brand new, Length 53” Under arm front 24”, back 24”
Ad Id:39529061
Posted:May 12, 2022
New George Men's Dress Shoes thumbnail image
New Men’s Dress shoes. Size 6 1/2
Ad Id:40361281
Posted:October 9, 2023
New Watch thumbnail image
New Anne Klein 11 gold & Silver watch
Ad Id:40304437
Posted:September 7, 2023
Beautiful Buffet & Hutch thumbnail image
White Heavy Marble Buffet & Hutch with glass shelves, glass doors, back mirror, lights inside, from Ashley’s. Paid over $3000.
Ad Id:39308441
Posted:December 9, 2021
Commercial Heavy duty Chest Freezer with Solid Flat Top thumbnail image
Height 34 1/2”, Length 41”, Width 21 1/2” Approximately
Ad Id:40418057
Posted:November 7, 2023
New Sherry glasses, Decanter thumbnail image
New 4 Sherry glasses $25 New decanter $10
Ad Id:40300746
Posted:September 5, 2023
doTERRA Petal Diffuser thumbnail image
New doTERRA Petal Diffuser Simple usage: 3-piece diffuser is easy and convenient. Multiple time settings Optional light settings: Nightlight or lig...
Ad Id:40242260
Posted:August 5, 2023
Stainless steel dishes & lids thumbnail image
Six stainless steel dishes with lids
Ad Id:40296271
Posted:September 3, 2023
Beautiful bowls thumbnail image
New. Each cut glass bowl is $ 20/each. Sectional flower bowl $15
Ad Id:40294981
Posted:September 2, 2023
Beautiful  silver shiny tank top & cardigan thumbnail image
Size Medium. Good for Christmas parties. Hard to see the silver shine on the photo.
Ad Id:40290640
Posted:August 31, 2023
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